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Our Team


Bruce Gorle
– Sales Manager

Bruce is a veteran of the office technology business, having clocked up over 15 years with Mango 4. He loves the ever-changing world of technology and how finding the right technology solution can make a tangible difference in the day-to-day running of a business.

The challenge of bridging the gap between a customer’s understanding and the solutions that Mango 4 can provide is one that Bruce enjoys. At the beginning of his career devices were all separate and stand-alone, but now with advances in technology Bruce can see the benefits of having multi-function devices that ‘talk’ to each other.

Having worked his way up in the Mango 4 business from being the man who loads the delivery truck to the installation technician, a salesperson and now the sales manager, Bruce has years of invaluable experience under his belt.

“It doesn’t matter whether a client is a huge company with thousands of employees or a one-man-band – we’ve worked with both and provide the same quality and service, just on a large or small scale.”

Bruce doesn’t leave technology behind at the end of the working day – he practices what he preaches. Between Bruce, his wife and two children, he estimates there are about 10 connected devices keeping the family together!


Sam Hill
Business Consultant

Sam is driven to help businesses improve their productivity and every day running cost though smart office technology’s saving them time and that all important dollar.

“I enjoy helping people understanding the fast changing technology’s Mango 4 have to offer and how to best implement them into their business”

When Sam isn’t talking office technologies, he is spending time with his young family soaking up the CQ sun. Be it camping, fishing, 4×4 trips or out on the dirt bikes.


Theresa Ramsay
– Business Consultant

Theresa loves talking to people – so it’s only natural that she also loves helping businesses talk to their customers. As Mango 4’s resident phone plan guru, Theresa regularly goes in to bat for her customers, helping them find the phone system and the phone plan that best suits their needs.

From builders, accountants and engineers to real estate agents and motels, home offices to multi-storey buildings, Theresa makes it her responsibility to take care of all her customers’ telecommunications needs. She truly understands that if the phone doesn’t ring, a business can’t operate – and that whether there is one phone line or five, every customer is important.

“I see myself as a business consultant – I aim to give customers as much information as possible to help with all of their business needs.”

Theresa has travelled Australia and hopes one day to travel the world…keeping in touch via phone, of course!


Deon Martin
– Branch Manager Gladstone

When you meet Deon, you’ll understand why he loves his job so much. As a natural people-person, Deon’s day-to-day sales and service role suit him down to the ground.

“Knowing that I’ve helped a customer get the right office technology system for their business – that’s what makes me come to work with a smile on my face.”

Deon is Mango 4’s Gladstone consultant, helping the people of the Port City to improve their productivity and save money with technology.

When he’s not at work, Deon is an electronics enthusiast who specialises in building high-end computers. When you do what you love, you love what you do!


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