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Copy / Print / Fax / Scan

Mango 4 knows the copier business backwards, forwards, duplexed, stapled, folded, faxed and scanned.

Photocopying was once as simple as putting a document (or the standard office Christmas party anatomical article) on the glass and pressing the ‘start’ button.

Today photocopiers are complex machines that can multi task with the best of them: copying documents, making booklets, sending faxes, scanning and printing in glorious colour.

But we do more than just plug it in, walk away and wish you good luck.

We maintain and service our business technology products, and are more than happy to come and advise you on what you really need – no strings attached.

An efficient copier can actually save you money, and our service contracts give you peace of mind. We can even arrange your business printing while your copier is being serviced or upgraded – how’s that for a full package?

Mango 4: Clever.  Affordable. Guaranteed.

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